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Shy Technology (Album Release), Seasaw, Like Language


May 31 Thu
Shy Technology (Album Release), Seasaw, Like Language8:00 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Beat KitchenChicago, IL
Age Limit: 17+

Shy Technology (Album Release)

Chicago-based indie-rock quartet Shy Technology are no strangers to life’s ups and downs. Struck by personal tragedy, chief songwriter David Coulson quit his job, dropped out of school, packed his life into his car and drove the long road home from Phoenix, Arizona to Villa Park, Illinois in complete reflective silence, arriving the day before Christmas. Faced with the overwhelming flood of emotions that accompanies a serious illness in one’s family, Coulson turned to music as an escape, creating a band called “Shy Technology”. The band consists of rhythm guitarist and vocalist David Coulson, bassist and vocalist Jonathan Wilson, lead guitarist Alex Chata, and drummer Irving Vazquez.

Coulson’s daughter was born soon afterwards, and this experience led him to a revelation that so many can relate to: life is too short to waste worrying about the inconsequential. The band’s name is explained by Coulson as the vision of human beings being very advanced forms of technology: “Our bodies serve as vehicles to help us manifest great things and to help others. Our inner being is what controls the actions of that technology. I thought it was a funny thing explaining the soul and body connection and it seemed that the perfect way to do that was by describing it as ‘shy technology.’”

Shy Technology’s material is a by-product of restless nights and countless days spent weighing out the pros and cons of a life crafted to pursuing personal happiness and taking the leap to live full-time as musicians. The band’s EP ‘Where We Go From Here’ has been met with critical acclaim, with The Wild Honey Pie noting that the band is “making a serious case for being the next band we go to when we need emotive guitar rock the way we used to.” Armed with a rare, brutal honesty which characteriz- es the outlook of millenials everywhere, Shy Technology is the voice of a romantic generation that still maintains hope for a better future, in spite of life’s grim challenges.