Alex Tremont Variety Hour


Apr 27 Fri
Alex Tremont Variety Hour7:30 PM | Doors: 7:00 PM
Beat KitchenChicago, IL
Age Limit: 17+

Alex Tremont was a local television host of a variety program back in 1955. Things were going swell for ol' Alex until he learned his wife was cheating. So Alex had himself cryogenically frozen to escape the pain and heartache and reanimated in 2018! Come see Alex remount his variety show for the stage! Alex will be backed by the Connie Upshaw Band and joined by featured guests frozen throughout time and given a second chance to redeem themselves in the present. 

Featured guests include:

Connie Upshaw Band - The finest cryogenically frozen then reanimated band in Chicago.The Grand Bazoli - A 19th century escape artist with very strong opinions about Houdini.Little Caroline - A 1970's child star outrunning her overbearing stage mother.Officer McGuigan - A beat cop from the prohibition era who could really use a stiff drink.

Marissa Winters - A 1980's fitness expert unveiling the newest in home exercise equipment, the fitness orb!