The Midwest Sing & Stomp

In the summer of 2016, Dan MacDonald and Mareva Lindo were driving back to Chicago after a string of gigs on the east coast. Talking for hours on the road, inspired by years of producing shows together, and spurred on by the communities and festivals they’d visited, they thought: there should be a festival in Chicago that brings together the myriad traditional music and dance communities thriving in the Midwest. There should be nonstop music, dance and hands-on workshops of all kinds, featuring the best performers in the region, young and old. Back home, they immediately joined up with Lucia Thomas (Chicago Folklore Ensemble), Jay Desrosiers (organizer of the University of Chicago Folk Festival), Tim Macdonald and Jeremy Ward (Scottish-baroque fiddle duo), and together they put on the first Midwest Sing & Stomp.

Caller Maggie Jo Saylor with barn dance band feat. Steve Rosen, Fred Campeau, Anne Beal & Jay Desrosiers, at the 1st annual Midwest Sing & Stomp (Sept 2016, Red Line Tap) Since then, we’ve showcased the world-renowned Irish fiddling of Liz Carroll, Arabic folk music from Alex & Lucia, Illinois old-time fiddlers Fred Campeau and Lynn “Chirps” Smith, gospel singer Al Mack, Alioni’s polyphonic vocal music from the country of Georgia, legendary boogie-woogie pianist Erwin Helfer, and lots more.


The Midwest Sing & Stomp 2:00 PM | Doors: 1:30 PM
Beat KitchenChicago, IL
Age Limit: 21+