• Genevieve is double jointed and can twist her arms all the way around.

• When she was seven years old she asked her grandmother if she could join a church choir but was

told no because she was Jewish. Since Genevieve had no idea what that meant, she decided to

audition anyway. She got in.

• She has co-existed with the following animals as pets: a rabbit, a chameleon (that she caught with her bare hands in Savannah, Georgia), a goldfish, a ferret, a

dog, a cockatiel, a cat and an ant farm.

• She started her first band at the age of 11 - an all-girl a cappella group that wrote songs about standing

up for themselves, listening to their own inner voices and finding beauty in the breakdowns. They were obsessed with being famous and met up once a week to record their original compositions on cassettes to submit to the Rosie O’Donnell show. They never heard back and eventually broke up due to poor morale.

• She was in a pop-punk-ska band in high school that covered No Doubt’s cover of The Vandals’ song “Oiy To The World”.

• Some of Genevieve’s musical heroes are Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, John Lennon, Aretha Franklin, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Bjork.

• She homeschooled herself for her senior year of high school to allow more time to pursue music.

• Genevieve is the singer and co-songwriter in the band Company of Thieves 

• Chris Faller, an accomplished drummer and bassist who plays in bands such as The Hush Sound, Company of Thieves and Le Swish also graciously accompanies her on keyboards, guitar, ukulele and kalimba. 


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