The Safes – Tickets – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL – November 22nd, 2017

The Safes

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The Safes

The Differents, Little Boy Jr, The Hustle

Wed, November 22, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


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This event is 17 and over

The Safes
The Safes
No list of America's best current rock n' roll bands is complete without mention of Chicago's Safes. The brothers O'Malley tear it up live and put out fabulous recordings to boot. The excellent 2003 debut Family Jewels was definitely a hard one to top, but The Safes have truly outdone themselves with their second long player Well, Well, Well. Completely free of filler and featuring some of the best pop songs of recent memory, Well, Well, Well rates a place in the collection of every power pop fan. And when I say "power pop", I'm talking the traditional sense of the term: songwriting and vocal harmonies redolent of the Beatles and Kinks, with the driving energy and thunderous punch of Cheap Trick and the early Who. It's an approach that's been done to death by numerous bands, but few execute it better than The Safes.

The ringing melodies and finely-crafted arrangements hearken back 40 years or so, yet in no way does Well, Well, Well feel "retro" or patently derivative. Rather it feels fresh and timeless, the abundant hooks and soaring harmonies winningly rendered by a tight, formidable trio. No two tracks sound alike, and Patrick O'Malley's stellar production achieves a clean, muscular timbre. You'd have to search far and wide to find pop songs better than "Fairy Tale Tomorrow", "Cool Sounds Are Here Again", and "Everybody In The World". I know that saying "It's a shame these songs aren't being played on the radio" is a king cliche in the zine world. But what the hell! It's a shame these songs aren't being played on the radio! The rockers are equally compelling. "Phone Book Full of Phonies" boasts the year's awesomest guitar riff, while the Stonesy swagger of "Deception" brings to mind the almighty Figgs. Really, you can drop in on this album at any point and land on a hit. Whether you crave no-frills barroom bangers like "Bad Blood" or textured psych-pop gems like "Bliss This Instance", The Safes have got you covered. Indeed, cool sounds are here again! -NowWave Magazine

Since forming in 2003 The Safes have released their debut LP Family Jewels, follow-up EP Boogie Woogie Rumble, the second LP Well Well, Well, and the second EP Sight of all Light to great success. Touring
coast-to-coast The Safes have established loyal fanbases across the country on the strength of their live show a sweaty explosion of energy and melody.

With six critically acclaimed CDs under their belt, THE SAFES have gotten their photo in Rolling Stone Magazine along with praise from Senior Editor David Fricke. Pitchfork, The Boston Globe, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Kansas City Star, St Louis Dispatch, Chicago Sun Times and Tribune, Paste Magazine, and Big Takeover as well as several other weeklies, daily's, and blogs have championed this great band. The Safes did their National Television debut on WGN! And have The Safes get their music played on radio stations such as WFMU, WXPN, KEXP, WLUW, KHDX, WMBR, and along with commercial stations KROQ, WFNX, WXRT,
and WLUP along with many other stations. Charting on Billboards Specialty radio charts and CMJ.

THE SAFES have shared the stage with many big time acts, from Andrew Bird to members of Wilco and The Raconteurs, and The Smoking Popes, to name a few.

THE SAFES have been cleaning with licensing their music to film, TV and advertising! Having their music placed on such TV shows as "The T.O. Show" and "The Cho Show" on VH1, "Who Wants to Be Paris Hilton's New BFF" , "College Life", "Made", "Real World", and "Jersey Shore" on MTV. Along with several other reality shows, sporting events, film and advertising for Nike, Redbull, MTV, Fuel TV, ESPN, Dr. Pepper, Allure Magazine and CBS. THE SAFES have shared the stage with many big time acts, from Andrew Bird to members of Wilco and The Raconteurs, and The Smoking Popes, to name a few.
The Differents
The Differents
Inspired by our family and friends and our nights and times in Chicago's Norwood Park and Edison Park, William Howard Taft High School, and in Park Ridge, Illinois.

The statement above? That's what it says on the CD back. It is true!

This batch of tunes seems to be from one period now that I am looking back on it. I moved in to my first apartment with current Differents' bass player, Chris Meziere and his soon-to-be wife at the time, Traci. This was October 1998, and it was a blast! We lived above Don Juan's in Edison Park, and it was a very creative and fruitful time for all involved. The building actually had the name "Christley Block" etched into it. I like details, and I thought it was so cool the place had a name. It was my first time out there on my own, being responsible for my actions!

This time in my life is burned in my brain. I'll never forget it. We had people over all the time. Chris and I wrote a ton of songs there. We had drums, guitars, a bass, and a piano that we lugged up the stairs with a friend of Chris' and a valet from the restaurant!

As for the songs I came up with there, they seemed to be touching on things that were on my mind from the past. Good and bad. Sweet and regrettable. A clean slate does that for me still, I guess. Thinking about things too much and trying to put them in their place. With songwriting, though, you can move things around. You don't have to make it about you. You can bring other people in, or characters you're making up. A lot of the songs on "Christley Block" are the better ideas I had and finished.

Songs like "Small", "Nothing In Return," "What Is...," and "Rock Her!" (for lack of a better name) were really of the moment and what was going on around me in 1998. They were reflections of people I knew and seeing myself through them. Lyrically cutting and not so much macho, but finding one's true self confidence via earned arrogance. I found this to be another stepping stone in human evolvement. At some point, arrogance is a vehicle that takes you to the same brick wall. Humility gained through living, sitting there on the other side....if you want it!

The tunes that were referencing my high school days are here too. Back then, It was almost ten years since I had been out of Taft HS, and I was nostalgic for some reason. "Yer Prettiest Face" was the first of the songs to be a direct tribute to the people and the school itself. More the feeling of going there. I enjoyed it,...well, the last two years, at least. "Summer School" continues that theme.

"Cold Caring Man" was made up on the spot at Chris Lordots'; it was the guinea pig recording for his all-computer, no-more-tape, switch-over. A real segue from the old becoming the new. The song reflects that. The escape from an old time. An old ideal.

There's no escaping the amazing musicality of Dan Garrity's drums on this whole affair. Inspiring to say the least. James Wallace's bass playing was also limber and he played great support to the songs. Pete Pallasch, whom was our last bass player before our hiatus, was full of musical ideas and full of laughs. I can't say enough about his natural ability and his love for music...and shenanigans. He is loved and missed by many.

In closing, without a hint of exaggeration, this album saved some lives to be sure. In early 2000, there was a fire in the restaurant that was part of "Christley Block", the building. Some of us were up late listening to rough mixes of the songs. We had left Chris Lordots' studio and came back home to do so. A few hours in, slowly but surely, our apartment on the third floor became hazier and hazier. There was a kitchen fire below, and had any of us been asleep, like everyone else in the neighborhood, none of us would be here today. The smoke would have got us for sure, there's no doubt in my mind! We got everyone out of the building thankfully!

Talk about timing. I’m so thankful.
I love this little album of ours. It’s of a moment. Friendship and natural talent. May we continue forward and make something new!
Little Boy Jr
Little Boy Jr
"The sound listeners can expect from Little Boy Jr. is one reminiscent of wholesome yesteryear rock and roll, pulling in elements from the increasingly popular reappearance of beach rock."
The Hustle
The Hustle
The Hustle is a young Chicago area rock’n’roll quartet in their teens. The band features Ted Ansani on
bass & vocals, Tommy Hinds on guitar & lead vocals, Alex O’Malley on the drums, and Andrew Pridmore
on keyboard and guitar. Growing up surrounded by great music and touring musicians, Teddy’s dad, Ted
Ansani plays in Material Issue, and Alex’s dad, Sean O’Malley plays in The Safes, these kids had no
choice but to follow in their footsteps of playing fun, catchy, rock’n’roll. These boys have rocked
basements, house parties, talent shows, and probably would even play hydrant flushings if asked; they
love to rock’n’roll. Now, The Hustle has bursted onto the Chicago music scene, playing shows at
Township and Chop Shop, as well as being featured on the Chicago Vibe’s showcase, “Dishin’ at Dimos”.

The Hustle are influenced by the great classic rock bands (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling
Stones, The Who), modern garage-rockers (The Black Keys, the Arcs, Cage the Elephant, Twin Peaks,
White Reaper) as well as some hip-hop (Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, Dr Dre).

These boys not only write their own songs; they also record their own records. Their debut “I’m From
Sharks” EP is the first example the raw, melodic rock you can expect from The Hustle. Currently, they
have finished their new full length LP with 11 songs on it, which will be out by the end of 2017.
Venue Information:
Beat Kitchen
2100 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60618

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