MATAMOSKA – Tickets – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL – April 16th, 2017


Beat Kitchen and Chicago Ska Collective Present!


Malafacha, Nahuales Underground, Self Medicated

Sun, April 16, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$20.00 - $23.00

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This event is 17 and over

Matamoska! exploded out of Montebello, California in November 2000 at the time when the ghetto ska-punk movement was still in its infancy. The band made up of people with very diverse tastes in music, create a special mix of sounds, influences and languages, singing both in English and Spanish that can only be described as original and edgy. As a result of this, the band played numerous backyard gigs, and small club shows with many punk, metal, hardcore, sXe, crust/grind, psychobilly, garage, reggae, rock en español, and ska bands.

After developing a small following, Matamoska! released their Demo CD in April 2001. This CD landed the band on LATV live and shows in better known venues like The Whiskey A Go-Go, the Coconut Teazer, The Roxy, and shows outside of L.A. like in Orange County, San Diego and as far as Mexicali. During this time the band also appeared on the Keeping the Spirit Alive and Backyard City Rockers Compilations. Later the band was approached by OBSCENE RECORDS to record an official album.

The album "De Verdad" was recorded in 2002 but not released until early 2003. This E.p. contained 5 songs plus 1 extra. The first 200 had an all red cover which was due to an error in printing. These became the limited edition E.p's and contained a numerated sticker. This CD got good reviews in many fanzines and webzines. It also got the band more shows in more places and some plays on internet radio shows based in Texas, Tijuana, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and other parts of California.

Late in 2003 the band was approached by Smelvis Records to record a split with South Bay punk band DEFIED. This split was a part in the ska/punk split series that Smelvis Records was doing. The MATAMOSKA/DEFIED SPLIT was released in early 2004. Later that year the band released a very limited edition DVD entitled 1095 DAYS LATER/1095 DIAS DESPUES which included video footage of the early days of the band along with the music video to the song "De Verdad".

In early 2005 Matamoska recorded and released the PROBLEMA SIN SOLUCION single. This was an enhanced CD that included interviews with fans, footage of the band on the road and a music video for "Chucky Tiene Chamba". That same year the band's original singer Jose Padilla a.k.a Padilla left the band.

The band continued on into 2006 with new members and a more experimental sound due to the addition of the keyboards/synth and the many different musical influences within the band. During this time, Matamoska! played most of their shows outside of L.A. even making out to Chicago. A whole album full of material was recorded during this time, but because of disorganization and outside interests of the band members it was never released. The band went on permanent vacation in early 2007.

In 2010 the band re-united with most the original lineup. Jose Padilla on rhythm guitar, Richard Sanchez on drums, Brandon Lopez on saxophone, Joey DeReza on Trumpet, Hector Rivera on Bass, and Jose Morales on lead guitar, In 2011, Esteban Flores on jumped on board with keys. Also, in 2011 the band released an E.p. with live performances of old favorites and a new upcoming crowd pleaser "Beer Goggles".

The band went into the studio shortly after and spent 2 years in production of their first LP, "M is for Murder". This featured many polished versions of old songs like "Night of One Hundred Frights" and the never studio recorded hit "Beer Goggles". In the spring of 2014 the band released the album at the Whisky a-Go-Go. This event highlighted by Angelo Moore of the band Fishbone singing a cover the Specials's "Monkey Man".

In the summer of 2014 the band wrote a new 7 track album of entirely new material. This album was recorded by producer Dave Irish of Pot o' Gold Studios; producer of most local OC ska acts like Reel Big Fish, Stupid Flanders, and Suburban Legends. The Ep album titled "Slacktivist Swing" created a ripple in the local ska scene with songs like "Six Months", "El Jefe de Ska" and "Mario Bros before Hoes". The album illustrates how the band has matured musically and lyrically.

In 2015, Lead guitarist Jose Morales, Trumpet player Joey De Reza, Sax player Brandon Lopez left the band and were replaced by Danny Ortiz on lead guitar, Jovan Loera on saxophone and Ivan Lopez on trumpet. Robert Verdugo was added as a permanent Trombone player along with horn for hires Jeff Girard and Manny Dominguez which fill in when the band is missing horn players.
Malafacha is a Ska band with Reggae and Latin rhythms that was formed in 2003 in Pilsen's Hispanic Bohemian neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Malafacha is conformed of 8 members, Moises Bello -lead voice, Alejandro Cruz -drums, Ivan Bello -alto sax and choirs, Ezequiel Cruz -bass, Juan Abad-trombone, Armando Pescador - percussions, Roberto Carlos Tovar (Charlie) -guitar and Martin Orosco -Keyboard. All different personalities and musical tendencies between the band members has brought the band to obtain an original sound with a base of Ska, Reggae and Latin rhythms mixed with Punk, Metal, Cumbia, Rock, Disco and an endless fusion of genres that makes of Malafacha an unique band.
Malafacha takes it's name from the lyrics of "Chilanga Banda" a song written and performed by Jaime Lopez and Jose Manuel Aguilera both are a very well known as classic Spanish rock exponents in México. Cafe Tacuba later recorded this song. Malafacha is a word that doesn't really exist in the Spanish Dictionary and though some people will give it the meaning of dress badly, for us Malafacha is a style of living. For some conservative people will be thought as "bad dressed", but for us is looking our best, being original and keeping our freedom of expression, we promote that people should fight for their ideals, living free and in peace. Malafacha doesn't believe in distinction of race, doesn't respect frontiers neither repression. Malafacha is a sublime cry of liberty, describes themselves and believes everybody is a citizen of the world,

Malafacha had shared the stage with a big number of bands including some of international recognition such as Maldita Vecindad, Panteon Rococo, El Gran Silencio, Victimas del Dr. Cerebro, The Wailers, Gondwana, La Castañeda,The Toaster, Rata Blanca, Salon Victoria, Sekta Core, Genitallica, Nana Pancha, El Haragan, Banda Bostik, Kenny y los Electricos, and La Tremenda Corte. Also Malafacha toured some if the USA cities on 2009 as invited musicians for La Royal Club. Malafacha has performed in big and small cities through the USA, it does not matter where do fans live Malafacha will visit their city when they least expect it.
Nahuales Underground
Nahuales Underground
Nahuales started out as a trio back in the early 00's. After several lineup changes and challenges throughout the years. Nahuales has been known for its high energetic, get in your face attitude yet with their diverse way of mixing genres. Every band starts off somewhere, from playing garages on 26th street and local bars to playing huge venues like Congress and the House of Blues. Nahuales has been devoted to achieve our passion towards music and make sure never to give up.
Self Medicated
Self Medicated
Venue Information:
Beat Kitchen
2100 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60618

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