Black Oil Brothers – Tickets – Beat Kitchen – Chicago, IL – July 9th, 2016

Black Oil Brothers

Black Oil Brothers

The Wabash Cannonballs

Sat, July 9, 2016

Doors: 4:30 pm / Show: 5:00 pm


This event is all ages

Black Oil Brothers
Black Oil Brothers
There's a source in rock n roll music, a well from which most of the great musicians and songwriters have drank deeply. Born in the Mississippi delta and raised on the streets of Chicago's south side, The Blues is often recognized as the source. The Black Oil Brothers draw from the same well our heroes have, but what comes out is invariably our own. Utilizing everything we can beg borrow or steal – acoustic, electric and resonator steel guitars, banjos, harmonicas, mandolins, drums, shakers, 3-part harmonies – we create the music that let's your ears know that there ain't a damn thing wrong with the sound of a good man feeling bad. Such is the blues. Finding outlets in music that turns heartbreak into ass shake. Such is the music of The Black Oil Brothers and it very well may be saving our souls. Let us save yours.


Tim Ryan -Born and Raised in Chicago and handed his first harp at the age of 10, ever since then Tim E. Ryan hasn't really been able to pull himself away from blues music. Oddly enough, though, he had to work backward to find the root of it all. Obsessed with classic rock at a young age, he quickly learned that The Stones, Zeppelin, and The Allman Brothers had copped a good deal of their swagger from Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and Howlin' Wolf. Finding the Chess Records catalogue not only opened his ears, it lead him even further back to Son House and Robert Johnson. They say a man can't know his future if he forgets the past. So having studied the sound of the past, studying the instruments was a natural step into the future. Harp, slide guitar and songwriting are now his weapons of choice and Tim plans to write, record and gig for the rest of his days.

Tony Manno - Tony blames Slash, Jimmy Page, and Keith Richards for turning him onto the guitar at the young and impressionable age of 13. Since then, his love of the blues, rock n' roll, and punk rock have rendered him a quite knowledgeable music fan (and annoyingly so). His Rock N' Roll band, THE SLEEPERS, has made quite a name for themselves throughout the Midwest with the help of PRAVDA RECORDS, their current label. Check him out these days in THE SOUTH SIXTEENS when he's not playing with TBOB. He has also played in The DOGS D'AMOUR. Talk trash about Johnny Thunders or Mississippi Fred McDowell and he'll get angry.

Tony Maietta - In Tony's sophomore year of high school, his friend since preschool, Tony Manno, taught him how to play Knockin' on Heaven's Door. It was all downhill from there. He learned far too many Green Day tunes, but eventually figured out how to play the songs that his heroes had made: The Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, Floyd, and all kinds of classic rock and blues. Manno and Maietta formed their first of many bands, The Disgruntled Postmen. In college, Tony played guitar and bass in Fool's Crow and The Smythe. After graduation, Tony ditched the guitar for a little while, picked up some drum sticks, and founded The Sleepers with Manno. After realizing that Ringo Starr was way better than him on the drums, Tony reforged his love affair with his guitar. For many years, Tony played that guitar by himself in his apartment...which isn't as fun as it sounds in retrospect. In the summer of 2007, Manno approached Tony with the concept of recreating the delta blues. Tony couldn't say no to that! When he's not saving the world from dangerous pollution, he's jamming with Tim and Manno at watering holes across the country. Tony also runs his own recording studio, Good Times Recordings, with his friend Brian Racine.

Johnny Action- He teaches things. He runs marathons. He plays the drums. He's Johnny Action.
The Wabash Cannonballs
The Wabash Cannonballs
We draw upon all genres and eras to fuse our melodic stylings. While featuring an array of gifted musicians studied in folk, hard rock, classical, heavy metal, gospel, alternative, flamenco, new wave, pop, choral anthems and showtunes, we ain't about touting ourselves...we just want you to have a good time hearing us!
Venue Information:
Beat Kitchen
2100 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL, 60618

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