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Kickstand Productions Presents
DAYLONGSIGH, Cut Your Losses, The Fundamental Kink, La Rosa Noir
with DAYLONGSIGH, Cut Your Losses, The Fundamental Kink, La Rosa Noir
Alternative Pop Punk Alternative Dance/Electronic
Thu June 15, 2023 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Beat Kitchen , 2100 West Belmont, Chicago, IL
Ages 17 and Up
Cut Your Losses
Pop Punk
Formerly Skylight Cinema, Cut Your Losses is your friendly neighborhood, Chicago-based, emotionally unstable, alt-rock band. Their goal is simple: create music that’s honest and gets people feeling something. The defining sounds of Cut Your Losses are based upon their refusal to stay within the realm of a singular genre, having referred themselves as being a "Post-Pop-Punk-Prog-Easy-Core" four piece. Their debut EP, "Get It Together" is a four track release that not only gives their listener a taste of their range, but also a look into their lives with past relationships, mental health, and looking at better days with those dear to you. Cut Your Losses officially formed in 2019, and is comprised of vocalist/guitarist duo Isa Martinez and Alex Criminger, drummer Joseph Martinez, and bassist Joshua Lines. The next time you come to see them live or in the wild, be sure to say hi, they’re pretty friendly.
The Fundamental Kink
La Rosa Noir