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Extraordinary Popular Delusions
with Extraordinary Popular Delusions
Free Jazz
Mon July 4, 2022 8:00 pm (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Beat Kitchen , 2100 West Belmont, Chicago, IL
Ages 21 and Up
As of Feb 28, 2022 the city and state have dropped the mask and vaccine mandate.  However, many patrons have purchased tickets and artists have agreed to perform because these mandates have been in place.  Therefore, as of Feb 28, Subterranean + Beat Kitchen will continue to require proof of full vaccination against Covid-19 OR proof of a negative test taken no less than 72 hours of the show.  We highly encourage all patrons and employees to continue wearing their masks but it will not be a requirement. *Important: check the status of your show. Artists may require stricter mandates*
Proof of vaccination may include a physical copy of your vaccination card or a digital photo/photocopy of your card and must match the name of your government-issued photo ID.  A negative test may include a physical copy of the result, an email from the clinic, or if you're planning to take a home test, please bring the kit with you and take the test in the presence of staff.
Thank you for your patience and understanding during these rather difficult times.  We are hopeful that we will be able to continue to reduce restrictions soon.  Please keep checking back for updates. Email or with any questions. 
Extraordinary Popular Delusions
Free Jazz

if you are coming here wondering what "extraordinary popular delusions" might be and/or why you might consider "liking" us;...well, we are some kind of musical group from chicago, whose usual constituents are mars williams (various woodwinds, zither, cetera); brian sandstrom (bass, guitar, trumpet); steve hunt (percussion, cetera); and jim baker ([electric] piano, analog synthesizer). we have been playing on a weekly basis almost very week for something like seven or eight years now; initially at the nervous center at hotti biscotti, and then, after the closing of hotti biscotti, in the intimate mc-escheresque upstairs of beat kitchen (2100 w belmont, in chicago), pretty much every monday night starting around 9 pm. we have elaborately-worked-out-and-rehearsed through-composed scores which we inexplicably forget each week and thus have to just make stuff up...we've been hoping to try to get some kind of NSF grant related to memory-loss studies, but can't remember whether "NSF" stands for "National Science Foundation" or "Non-Sufficient Funds". Anyway: if you have exacting (or even approximating) standards regarding disposition of "likes", you could feel free to come by pretty much any monday at Beat Kitchen (2100 w belmont...can't remember if we mentioned that or not..) to hear us; there is no cover charge; however, we are accepting donations in lieu of a kickstarter for the purpose of obtaining funds to purchase a new donations bucket....